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Management in India is an amalgam of principles and practices borrowed from foreign lands and the age-old Indian values and norms extant in organisations and peoples' minds.  This book is based on empirical exploration both into both the management practices prevalent now and of the past.  It offers a detailed compilation of the Indian management and administrative practices from the ancient times to the present.  The book also makes an in-depth study of four different, and typical, Indian organisations - the Government department, the public sector, the multinational, and the family-owned organisation.  Extensive interaction with workers, employees, executives and the leadership teams brings to light many a submerged facet, both strengths and short-comings, offering guidelines for a surer grasp of the Indian organisational scene.


Mentors are people who make a significant difference to the lives of people, lifting them out of being ordinary and leading them to almost magical transformation.  This book is a comprehensive guide to the intricate world of mentoring in the organisational setting.  Based on the author's pioneering research and wide-ranging practice, this book is a journey through the mentor's mind.  It unravels the entire mentoring process, from building the mentor-mentee relationship to the precautions that need to be taken and the ways in which the organisational goals can be attained.  Enriched with actual cases and experiences of people undergoing mentoring, this book is a powerful tool to aid understanding and practice of mentoring.
Now released in the 'Sage Classics' edition in January 2013, this book was first published in 2006.


This book is an invitation to getting an inside look at Executive Coaching.  Executive coaching is a high-value learning and development opportunity offered to critical senior executives.  Its objective is to help them make strategic shifts in their profession, career and life.  This book is an in-depth exploration into this transformational practice.
It discusses the process beginning with the initial to building relationship and mutual understanding, taking the required precautions and maximising output.  The author has detailed the theoritical approaches to executive coaching, competencies and skills required to be an effective executive coach; and the tools and techniques used in the process. 
The book serves as a guide to building a positive coaching culture in organisations and to help the top management in getting the best out of their people.


















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