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Surekha Guptan

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Surekha Guptan forges a bond with each of her clients and becomes a part of their lives to understand the issues they need to resolve by understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

Specialises in emotional health and parenting skills.

Works with couples in helping them resolve conflicts and establish better bonds and move from "me" to "we".

Works with individuals to help them stay emotionally stable and develop a clarity on life goals.

Works with parents to help them understand their children and develop better parenting skills. Helps create a better level of communication. Helps parents address the restless and violent streaks in their children.

Helps children with their aggressive behavior. Helps them tone down the aggression and build a certain stability. Also works with children to stimulate their thinking and memory. Works with children to understand their learning disabilities and create custom made solutions for better learning and understanding..

Uses group therapy to resolve issues among children.

Consults as a school counsellor to help children overcome bullying, build team spirit and confidence.

Surekha Guptan can be contacted on ‘Phone : (mobile) +91 – 91 77 52 42 78/ 98 49 32 51 94















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